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Do any of the following issues apply to you?

-Training progress slowed down or completely stopped

-PRs are few and far between

-Feeling like you have no intensity or energy in your workouts

-Dealing with nagging issues or pain

-Training has stopped being fun


If any of these sounds like your problems, there is a high probability you’ve reached “Burn Out”. Burn out is what we are calling a combination of both physical and mental fatigue which will not improve until you take significant action.

What action should you take so that you can get back to meaningful training?

We have a 4-week program for you called the “Unbroken Plan” created by Katie Boshko. Katie is a CF-L3 and is Jump Ship’s Nutrition and Mental Performance Coach.

The Unbroken Plan starts by greatly reducing your volume AND intensity, while making you focus more on your movements, breathing, and state of mind during training. As it progresses, so will you. Adding in a little extra training and purpose day by day, week by week. After 4 weeks you should feel energized and will have learned some things about yourself.

There are two ways to go about The Unbroken Plan:

-Go at it alone for $89 (Don’t worry, there are extensive notes in the program)

-Plan with Katie for $179 (You’ll get an initial 20 min call with Katie to get you all set up, then a follow up after week 2 to keep you on track and answer questions.)

If you’re struggling with your training mentally and/or physically, take a step in the right direction with us. Get yourself Unbroken.


After your purchase, you will receive the program as a PDF sent to your email address and the ability to schedule your call times.

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