About Us


Seth Page

Co-Founder / Head of Programming and Coaching

Seth has over a decade of full time programming and coaching experience.  He’s helped lead many athletes to their first Regionals and Games appearances, and coached thousands of others at all levels towards their personal goals. Seth considers programming to be his way of channeling his personal creativity.
email: info@jumpshiptraining.com

Dani Page

Co-Founder / CEO

Dani started CrossFit in 2013 and has been an affiliate owner since 2014. Dani competed at Regionals 5x from 2014-2018 and competed with CF Fort Vancouver at the Games in 2016.

She loves:

1. Her Dogs (Brady and Beli),

2. Tom Brady

3. Seth… In that order. 

email: info@jumpshiptraining.com

Arni Bjorn Kristjansson

Head of Jump Ship Europe / Coach

Arni is Co-Owner and Manager of CrossFit XY in Iceland. He has almost 10 years of experience as both a coach and an athlete. Arni has competed at Regionals twice as an individual and competed on a team at the CrossFit Games three times. He finished 38th worldwide in the 2017 CrossFit Open. Arni is also a proud father and husband.

email: arni@jumpshiptraining.com

Adam Neiffer

Jump Ship Masters Coach

Adam is CF-L3 and owner of CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, WA. He coached and competed at the CrossFit Games as a member of Team CrossFit Fort Vancouver from 2009-2018 (yes, thats 10 years in a row). They had four teams finish in the top 5 at the Games including a 1st place finish in 2010 and 3rd place in 2017. He was also the 2017 CrossFit Invitational Team USA head coach.

Katie Boshko

Nutrition and Mental Performance Coach

Katie has her CF-L3 and has been coaching since 2012, but her speciality is optimizing athletic potential by focusing on habits and attitudes outside of the gym. She is with Precision Nutrition, and works with athletes and teams to achieve individualized nutrition goals. Additionally, she consults with athletes and professionals to improve focus, confidence and motivation with research-based techniques.


Questions/comments? Send us an email at info@jumpshiptraining.com