About Us



Seth Page, Head Programmer/Coach -
Began his CrossFit coaching career in 2009 and opened his first affiliate CrossFit MF (which became Misfit Athletics) in 2010. Since that time Seth has programmed for and coached thousands of athletes. Many went on to compete at the Regional level and dozens broke through to the CrossFit Games. In 2019, after 7 years as the head of programming Seth and Misfit parted ways.


Seth realized that if he was going to make another push in the online programming and coaching space, he wanted to develop a system that better fit the needs of the masses, while still using the principles he found to be effective when training the best in the world. Everything from effective volume, time, sustainability, recovery, and fun was taken into account. After a long discussion during a sushi dinner date with his wife Dani, the concept of JUMP SHIP 90 was born.


Dani Page, CEO -
She started doing CrossFit in 2013 and has since owned and worked at affiliates all over the country.


She loves: 
1. Her dogs, Brady & Beli
2. Tom Brady
3. Seth
(in that exact order)


Competed at Regionals 5x from 2014-2018 and competed with CF Fort Vancouver at the Games in 2016.
Questions/comments? Send us an email at jumpshiptraining@gmail.com