What is Jump Ship Training?

 After years of writing competitive fitness programming for Misfit and working with athletes of all different levels, I found that the overwhelming majority did not have the time (or energy) to spend 3-4 hours a day in the gym. Once Misfit and I went separate ways, I knew I wanted to write programming again, but was ready to take a different approach. 

Being full time gym owners, my wife and I were having a tough time finding extra time in our day to workout.. even though we're in the gym all day. This is where the Jump Ship 90 concept came from. We found that it was easier to get ourselves to workout and get a really solid dose of fitness if we put the training session on a clock. After a few days, we were hooked and the concept interested a lot of our gym members. 

The 90 Minute Program has been the most difficult, thoughtful and exhilarating program I have ever written. I believe it will have a huge positive impact on the athletes I get to work with. 

And don't worry, if you're a competitor and have unlimited time to train everyday... We have a full program too.

Enjoy 🤘 
-Seth & Dani
JUMP SHIP is a combination of program options geared towards everyone from the elite level to the beginner at their local affiliate gym. All the programs run parallel to each other, meaning the workouts for each level are similar in movements, focus, and purpose. 
Our options are as follows:
Jump Ship 90 (our concept program)
Jump Ship Competitor
Jump Ship 60
Jump Ship Affiliates 


JUMP SHIP 90 is a full training session that runs on a 90 minute clock. This includes a dedicated warm up, lift, conditioning piece, and extra work. Each training day is crafted to be the right amount of total volume, so that each piece can be attacked with a purpose. There is adequate time built in between pieces for rest, set up, movement specific warm up, and skill work. You should use your entire 90 minutes!


JUMP SHIP COMPETITOR contains the same three training pieces that make up JS90 as well as two additional pieces created specifically for those who plan on competing in the “Sport of Fitness” at a high level. To complete this program correctly, you’ll need 2-4 hours depending on the day. Each day you’ll choose 3-5 pieces, prioritized by need, and complete them on your own timetable.


JUMP SHIP 60 is an abbreviated version of JS90, created specifically for those who demand a strong dose of fitness but just don’t have as much free time as they would like. These sessions typically have three pieces in the same fashion as JS90 but each piece will be slightly less volume (ex. less lifting sets, less metcon rounds, shorter AMRAPs, etc..). There will also be less “down time” between pieces, meaning you’ll need to stay focused, and be confident in your ability to attack or scale as needed.


JUMP SHIP AFFILIATES is specifically designed for Functional Fitness gyms that offer 60 minute classes. Each class is set to a clock that can be kept privately by a coach or publically to inform the class how long they have with each part. Every class will contain two parts, strength work and a conditioning piece. These pieces will be designed with a class setting in mind. They will allow coaches to adequately warm the class up, teach skills, along with set up and clean up before the following class. Additionally, each day will have a “competitor extra” piece. These are for athletes who can typically complete a workout RX and can handle additional volume. They should plan on 30 minutes to complete the extra piece after class. The best part of our affiliate programming is that it runs seamlessly with our Jump Ship 90, Competitor's and Jump Ship 60 programs. Everyone in your gym can essentially be following the same workouts that are modified for their specific needs and goals.


Jump Ship 90, 60 Competitor's & Affiliate Sample Programming