Many athletes believe they can shorten the distance between “Point A” (where they are now) and “Point B” (where they want to be) simply by doing more work.

And, they think the faster they pile on work, the faster they will progress.

But it’s just not true.

Jump Ship starts experienced athletes with three pieces in a 90 Minute window allowing for optimal recovery… and you’ve seen the PR videos.. it’s working.

We get this question a lot… people understandably don’t want to start a training program that is mid-cycle… but you don’t need to worry about that with us!

Our approach (which we like to call Competitive GPP) allows you to make steady progress at the speed that YOUR body and mind will allow. We balance out lifting styles and volume to generate improvement in Raw Strength, Power, and Speed.

The best part of our strength (and conditioning) program is that if you have to skip a session or are having an off day, you don’t have to go back and make it up. You just keep moving forward!

And… you WILL get stronger. We have athletes hitting lifetime PRs everyday.

TODAY! Our programs are based on something we like to call ‘Competitive GPP’, so, we don’t run in cycles and rarely follow specific percentage. This allows athletes to go hard on the days they have it, and back it all the way down to technique work on the days they don’t. You can jump in any day that you’re ready.

All our programs are now available through the TrainHeroic App! Click HERE, sign up, then download the app and your training will be right there waiting for you!

We recommend that you follow the Jump Ship 90 and then add in the Competitor’s Extra pieces as you’re ramping up training before the competition.

Our Competitive Athletes like to follow the JS90 as an AM session and then hit the Competitor’s pieces as a PM session.

The JS90, JS60 and two daily Competitor’s Extra pieces are included in our Jump Ship Crew membership!

We got you! We offer 1 on 1 Remote Coaching. You will recieved a fully custom program based on your needs. You will also have daily access to your coach. Reach out with any questions if you’re interested!

Yes. We. Do. And they’re hosted at our gyms on Oahu in Hawaii.

Our training camps include both in-gym sessions and out-of-gym Hawaii experiences!

We only host 1-2 per year and details are announced on our Instagram – @jumpshiptraining

We got you covered!

We created the Ultimate Movement Modification with both up and down scales of just about everything you will ever see in our program.



We recommend doing at least one full rest day each week (typically Sunday’s).

If your body needs it, take Thursday’s completely off too.

On Thursday’s, we do program a ‘Recharge Day’. This is an active recovery day that includes a Move Steady piece with some additional mobility.

We have this available as an option but it is NOT a required training day in the program. 

Our Class Program is a 6x/week program. (You can read more information HERE)

We also offer a Free phone consultation to go over the ins and outs of our Class Program with Seth.

Reach out at and we can schedule a call!

Continue to train as you normally would, as the point of a GPP program is to have you ready at all times. However, if you know if particular events or movements that will be tested that you’re not confident with, start to substitute those into your workouts in place of something else. Make sure you’re using the information provided by the event to be as “exposed” to the tests you’ll face as possible. On the week leading into the event, keep volume lower, intensity to a more moderate level, and avoid high reps of any one particular movement. Plan your rest and/or travel days accordingly. Focus even more on recovery (low intensity moving, stretching, sleep, etc..) on the last couple days before competing and you’ll be ready to go.