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seth page

Co-Founder / Head of Programming and Coaching
Seth has over a decade of full time programming and coaching experience.  He’s helped lead many athletes to their first Regionals and Games appearances, and coached thousands of others at all levels towards their personal goals. Seth considers programming to be his way of channeling his personal creativity.
email: info@jumpshiptraining.com

Dani Page

Co-Founder / CEO

Dani started CrossFit in 2013 and has been an affiliate owner since 2014. Dani competed at Regionals 5x from 2014-2018 and competed with CF Fort Vancouver at the Games in 2016.

She loves:
1. Her Dogs (Brady and Beli)
2. Tom Brady
3. Seth… In that order.

email: info@jumpshiptraining.com


Marcus adams

Masters Program

Marcus began CrossFit back in 2013. As a recent military veteran, professional fantasy football player, CrossFit coach, and Psychology student, he is fruitful of knowledge.

Besides tossing around a heavy barbell, he enjoys a good BBQ and intellectual talks that he’s not qualified to talk about.

He also coaches at our affiliate, Jump Ship CrossFit – Kailua.


BOb Durant

Strength Program

Bob Durant has been a Strength Coach for about a decade. He’s coached athletes in MMA and powerlifting.  He began coaching as a personal trainer and worked his way up to become a director of sports performance. Fast forward and he and his fiancee were able to purchase their own gym, Timberwolf Fitness.

email: bob@timberwolffitness.com


Katie Boshko

Nutrition and Mental Performance Coach

Katie has her CF-L3 and has been coaching since 2012, but her speciality is optimizing athletic potential by focusing on habits and attitudes outside of the gym. She is with Precision Nutrition, and works with athletes and teams to achieve individualized nutrition goals. Additionally, she consults with athletes and professionals to improve focus, confidence and motivation with research-based techniques.


email: katie.boshko@gmail.com


Arni Bjorn Kristjansson

Masters Program Coach & Head of Jump Ship Europe

Arni is Co-Owner and Manager of CrossFit XY in Iceland. He has almost 10 years of experience as both a coach and an athlete. Arni has competed at Regionals twice as an individual and competed on a team at the CrossFit Games three times. He finished 38th worldwide in the 2017 CrossFit Open. Arni is also a proud father and husband.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Many athletes believe they can shorten the distance between “Point A” (where they are now) and “Point B” (where they want to be) simply by doing more work.

And, they think the faster they pile on work, the faster they will progress.

But it’s just not true.

Jump Ship starts experienced athletes with three pieces in a 90 Minute window allowing for optimal recovery… and you’ve seen the PR videos.. it’s working.

We get this question a lot… people understandably don’t want to start a training program that is mid-cycle… but you don’t need to worry about that with us!

Our approach (which we like to call Competitive GPP) allows you to make steady progress at the speed that YOUR body and mind will allow. We balance out lifting styles and volume to generate improvement in Raw Strength, Power, and Speed.

The best part of our strength (and conditioning) program is that if you have to skip a session or are having an off day, you don’t have to go back and make it up. You just keep moving forward!

And… you WILL get stronger. We have athletes hitting lifetime PRs everyday.

TODAY! Our programs are based on something we like to call ‘Competitive GPP’, so, we don’t run in cycles and rarely follow specific percentage. This allows athletes to go hard on the days they have it, and back it all the way down to technique work on the days they don’t. You can jump in any day that you’re ready.

All our programs are now available through the Train Heroic App! Click the *Sign Up* link on our site, sign up, then download the app and your training will be right there waiting for you!

We recommend that you follow the Jump Ship 90 and then add in the Competitor’s Extra pieces as you’re ramping up training before the competition.

Our Competitive Athletes like to follow the JS90 as an AM session and then hit the Competitor’s pieces as a PM session.

The JS90, JS60 and two daily Competitor’s Extra pieces are included in our Jump Ship Crew membership!

We got you! We offer 1 on 1 Remote Coaching (fully custom program) and also ‘small group’ coaching in our Crew + Coaching membership. Reach out with any questions! 

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